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The introduction of a new product or service does a lot of effort, and sadly does not cease until it is ready – the other half of the equation is to market and promote it. You might have the best new product and service around, but you would probably miss opportunities, or even lose revenue, if you don’t market them properly. We felt it would be useful to give you some advice on this matter for all the companies which are pivoting their goods and services through COVID-19 and cannot risk losses in opportunities.

It seems as though there are infinite opportunities when it comes to marketing a new product or service for your business. It can be hard to see where to start and which promotional tactics can get you the best results. Indeed, there are many cheap ways to advertise your company, and your business, offers and the audience are dependent on what work is done. Look at all approaches below to see which are the most meaningful product promotion examples for the organisation.

Offer an exclusive glimpse to existing customers

Your existing consumers are an important factor in promoting your product, because they most often not only purchase it but also encourage it across their network. This may take the form of a private pre-launch party: a tour online, preview or demonstration in person or in a simulated manner. Or, a special invitation might be also made to try it and get input. This special offer to existing customers reinforce the trust and loyalty you value.

Provide a free update

You should give a potential client update to test your new services as your company is more service-based than product-based, such as a salon, spa, fitness centre or consultancy. Does your salon encourage a different form of facial or massage? To test it for current customers, please have a free (perhaps temporary) update. Expand the PPC offering of your agency? Add the latest option at their original price on current customer bundles. Another choice will be to sell the new product free delivery for a short period of time.

Allow trade-ins

Consider an interactive programme if the new product is really an improvement from an earlier. Business sales are successful since shoppers are more often able to purchase a new product with a token or credit (in this case, the product they own). You may also resell the old items for sale or use them for potential gifts (if they are in decent sufficient condition).

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